To contribute; to the awareness, creation and development of sustainable social enterprises.


Connecting social enterprises to; civil society, private and public organisations by providing affordable access to internet based communications and business administrative services; anytime, anywhere, on any device.

 Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneur
Social entrepreneurs come from all walks of life. Some begin their careers as doctors, engineers, teachers, priests, social workers, clowns, journalists, computer programmers, artists, nurses, businesspeople, and architects.

Social Enterprises

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As a social entrepreneur, you have the fire and determi-nation to convince many people you meet about the urgency of the problem you’re trying to solve. You need your message to be heard even when you aren’t around.

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Social Change

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Communication has a central place in achieving social change. Initially, many might react skeptically to that statement. Talk and things get better? Aren’t we supposed to walk the walk, not just talk the talk?

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